Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Wednesday Meet and Greet at the Grand Plaza Hotel

The Grand Plaza Hotel, Branson, MO

As usual, we all gathered at the hospitality room, and later at the meet and greet function on the ninth floor. Where else to meet and greet old friends and comarades? (If you recognize any old friends who are not identified, please leave a comment with their ID.)

#1 Walt Shumway and Jim Anderson

#2 Al Ackerman & Pat Lowery

#3 Don Greenwald & Jack Kochenour

#4 Al Ackerman

#5 Lovely Ladies- Make a comment and leave their names, please.

#6 Don Damron and Frank Porterfield

#7 Jim Anderson

#8 Ron Boehme and Frank Lancaster

#9 Ted Duzenski and Gerald Kelly

#10 Ron Boehme, Tom Sanford and Jim Anderson

#11 Art Friedman, Kay Dahl, Art Mosley, Andrea Kornblue and Jaye Hallihan

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