Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Wednesday Meet and Greet at the Grand Plaza Hotel

The Grand Plaza Hotel, Branson, MO

As usual, we all gathered at the hospitality room, and later at the meet and greet function on the ninth floor. Where else to meet and greet old friends and comarades? (If you recognize any old friends who are not identified, please leave a comment with their ID.)

#1 Walt Shumway and Jim Anderson

#2 Al Ackerman & Pat Lowery

#3 Don Greenwald & Jack Kochenour

#4 Al Ackerman

#5 Lovely Ladies- Make a comment and leave their names, please.

#6 Don Damron and Frank Porterfield

#7 Jim Anderson

#8 Ron Boehme and Frank Lancaster

#9 Ted Duzenski and Gerald Kelly

#10 Ron Boehme, Tom Sanford and Jim Anderson

#11 Art Friedman, Kay Dahl, Art Mosley, Andrea Kornblue and Jaye Hallihan

No. 1

USAMPS, Fort Leonard Wood #1

The Military Police Regimental Association took on the awesome task of organizing this year's reunion. Since it was in Branson, MO, it was very close to Fort Leonard Wood, the home of the Military Police School (USAMPS). Almost all of the reunion attendees made the 2.5 hour bus trip to see how things had progressed since their last visit to USAMPS.

As you might expect, the first event was a briefing of the state of the Corps. The Command Sergeant Major and the Commandant presented their views of what is happening to the Corps at this time and what the future might hold. From all they said and from what we saw, the Corps is in very capable hands. We have a lot to be proud of. The troops and the leadership are a dedicated bunch who understand serving and caring.

USAMPS Briefing #1

USAMPS Briefing #2

USAMPS Student Billets

USAMPS Dining Facility

The troops eat well. Just ask Maryann Kochenour, Linda and Joe Fernald, and Art Mosely.

By the way, Charlotte, the lady with red hair, whose age I will not divulge, recently participated in her first sky diving experience. She jumped from 12,000 feet, that's right, 12,000 feet. She had just recovered from serious back problems and that was her treat to herself. Go, Charlotte!

No. 2

MOUT Training, USAMPS, FLW #2

Among the myriad of duties for which Military Police train is Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT). Part of the training facilities include this mock village that is currently set up to represent a town in the Middle East. Many of the buildings represent specific sites. You will see signs in English and Arabic. Middle Eastern music is played over loud speakers to help the troops get a better feel for the situation in which they will eventually find themselves.

Here they practice the specific operations that will help them deal with insurgents.

Military Police also have a duty of crowd control. They learn and practice these skills in the same village area.

We received an additional briefing concerning the training necessary for detainee operations. Once again the facilities are similar to what the soldiers will be facing in the field. Contrary to the reports in the media, these soldiers are taught the proper, humanitarian way to treat detainees. They do it well.

No. 3

Dinner at the Pershing Club, Fort Leonard Wood

No. 4

Golf Outing

No reunion is worthwhile without the requisite golf outing. Ours is no exception. Here are some random photos of the event. Once again comments are encouraged to help identify participants.

Getting ready

12th hole at Pointe Royale Golf Course

12th hole

Dave, Don, and Dave

Don Damron and Dave Patton


Dave's drive

lunch 1

lunch 2

lunch 3

lunch 4

lunch 5

lunch 6

lunch 7

lunch 8

Jack, Don, Dave, and Dave
What a foursome.
Guess who had the most fun on the course?
What's a wind dummy?

Waiting for the bus

And the winners are....
Art Mosley, Jerry Jackson, Loren Bush and "Chine" Ray

No. 5