Sunday, October 01, 2006

Golf Outing

No reunion is worthwhile without the requisite golf outing. Ours is no exception. Here are some random photos of the event. Once again comments are encouraged to help identify participants.

Getting ready

12th hole at Pointe Royale Golf Course

12th hole

Dave, Don, and Dave

Don Damron and Dave Patton


Dave's drive

lunch 1

lunch 2

lunch 3

lunch 4

lunch 5

lunch 6

lunch 7

lunch 8

Jack, Don, Dave, and Dave
What a foursome.
Guess who had the most fun on the course?
What's a wind dummy?

Waiting for the bus

And the winners are....
Art Mosley, Jerry Jackson, Loren Bush and "Chine" Ray

No. 5


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