Sunday, October 01, 2006

MOUT Training, USAMPS, FLW #2

Among the myriad of duties for which Military Police train is Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT). Part of the training facilities include this mock village that is currently set up to represent a town in the Middle East. Many of the buildings represent specific sites. You will see signs in English and Arabic. Middle Eastern music is played over loud speakers to help the troops get a better feel for the situation in which they will eventually find themselves.

Here they practice the specific operations that will help them deal with insurgents.

Military Police also have a duty of crowd control. They learn and practice these skills in the same village area.

We received an additional briefing concerning the training necessary for detainee operations. Once again the facilities are similar to what the soldiers will be facing in the field. Contrary to the reports in the media, these soldiers are taught the proper, humanitarian way to treat detainees. They do it well.

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